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Secure File Transfer using AnyComms+

If your organisation handles personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the current data protection legislation.

One important obligation is to protect the data you hold.  If the information you intend to share is of a personal, confidential or sensitive nature, it should only ever be sent via secure, encrypted transmission methods. To facilitate this process, a secure, web based file transfer system (Avco AnyComms Plus - www.SecureSouthampton.co.uk) has been introduced, allowing files to be sent between Southampton schools, local authority teams and other relevant partner organisations working with children and young people in the city.

User’s Responsibility:

  • To comply with the provisions of the current data protection legislation, in respect of all personal information processed on Anycomms+
  • Keep your login details secure at all times; log out of the system and close the browser session when your task is complete
  • To check and correctly select the appropriate and intended recipient of all files containing personal data
  • To report any suspected or actual data security breaches to your own line-manager as soon as possible
  • To understand that a user guide is available to download to assist in the correct use of the system (link below).
  • To understand that access to AnyComms+ is dependent on continued adherence to this policy and responsible use of the system within the organisation. Misuse of the system or failure to adhere to this policy may result in access rights being revoked
  • To understand that the LA cannot be held liable or responsible for any consequence if any part of this policy is not adhered to

Manager’s Responsibility:

  • To ensure that your service/organisation has in place local data security policies and procedures to ensure the secure storage and onward transit of sensitive data
  • To ensuer that potentional data breaches are reported correctly; where documents need to be deleted from AnyComms+ please contact csl.ict@southampton.gov.uk
  • To ensure that all staff granted access to the Anycomms+ system are sufficiently trained in its use
  • To immediately notify the ICT Strategy Team if individual user’s access rights or passwords need to be amended, reset or revoked, i.e. when a member of staff changes or leaves the employment of the service / organisation: csl.ict@southampton.gov.uk

Requesting a New Organisation/LA Service

Email datateam@southampton.gov.uk with the business case for adding this additional organisation / LA Service to the AnyComms+ system with details of: new service/organisation; Who (as listed in AnyComms+) you will be sending files to and receiving files from; number of user logins required; and with regard to organisations: will all users have the same role in AnyComms+? Or will you need different roles in AnyComms+, e.g. schools have head, admin and SENCO as each role/user deals with different files from different senders.

Please note there is a cost associated with the licence, hosting and support of organisations in AnyComms+ based on the number of user accounts.

Downloadable documents

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PDF document User Guide for Organisations and Schools 578 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
PDF document User Guide for LA Services 582 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps

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