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Responsible person - Property management

This microsite has been developed to assist those appointed as a 'Responsible Person' for Property Management by providing information, tools and guidance needed to carry out their responsibility. Responsible Persons are advised to read the Quick Start Guide, then complete the e-learning modules and the SWP Property Management.

Supporting information/Tools/Guidance

Supporting Documents

Quick Start Guide - Responsible Persons (106kb)
SWP Property Management and Compliance (1757kb)
Delegating Responsibility (181kb)
Responsible Person Compliance Testing Sheets (523kb)

Statutory Inspections 
This is the Council's database for managing the Statutory Inspections required on lifts, lifting equipment and pressure vessels. For more information on how to access the Allianz system, e-mail Risk and Insurance on insurance@southampton.gov.uk. For more guidance on the Zurich Crimson Database please select the Crimson User Guide.

Click on the link for the Crimson Database

Capita Property Services
Southampton City Council have entered into a Strategic Service Partnership (SSP) with Capita BSL. Where Capita BSL is commissioned to provide a service in relation to Property Management, these services are identified in service level agreements and will be carried out in accordance with those agreements. The Responsible Person should familiarise themselves with the services Capita provide to their respective property.

Information Exchange 
Info Exchange is a software database application that is used by both Capita Symonds and now Southampton City Council. This database is used by both parties to record and monitor their statutory compliance and best practice testing obligations. For more guidance on the Info Exchange System please download the Information Exchange Guidance document (54.5kb).

Please use one of the links below to log into Information Exchange. If you experience difficulty with one link, please try the other one.

If you do not have a user ID and Password, you will need to request one from infoexchange.datacollection@southampton.gov.uk

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