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The forms below are to help you manage workplace health and safety. To start, click on the form and save it to your shared drive.

Please note that forms may have a related Safe Working Procedure (SWP).

If further help is needed, please contact the Corporate Health and Safety Service using the details on the left.

Downloadable documents - forms

Name of file Size Download time
Action plan 507 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Addition to medical record in respect of possible exposure to asbestos (ASB1) 536 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Addition to medical record in respect of previous exposure to asbestos (ASB2) 738 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Asbestos actions returns form 517 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Authorisation to work 613 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
CARQ form 519 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Contractors incident notification form 809 KB 3secs @ 2Mbps
Employee daily HAV/Noise exposure sheet 523 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Employee support assessment 100 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Fire action notice with fire marshal 57 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Fire action notice without fire marshal 56 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Fire door checklist 352 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
First aid poster 25 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Gas emergency sign 47 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Good handling technique poster 69 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Guidance on Inspecting Children's Outdoor Play Areas in School Grounds  140 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Hand-arm vibration assessment (Tier 1) 726 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Hand-arm vibration assessment (Tier 2) 715 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Health surveillance referral form 324 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Health surveillance record 511 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Induction checklist 167 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Medical support to pupils - Forms set
Permit to work - Confined spaces 548 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Permit to work - Hot works 768 KB 3secs @ 2Mbps
Permit to work - Roof works 1314 KB 5secs @ 2Mbps
Personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) 79 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Pre-construction proforma 588 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Record of ladder inspections 514 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Register of risks 58 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Building fire 133 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres (DSEAR) 866 KB 3secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Display screen equipment 1330 KB 5secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - First aid 33 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - General 53 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Incident List  80 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Manual Handling 193 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Moving and handling of pupils (Checklist) 1008 KB 4secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Moving and handling of pupils (Instructions and template) 629 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - New and expectant mothers 579 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Occupancy Fire 34 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Schools general 57 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Risk assessment - Young persons 578 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
RPE Routine Inspection/Examination Record
1276 KB
5secs @ 2Mbps
School Health and Safety Inspection Checklist 185 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
School Minor Accident Report Form 719 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
School training matrix 55 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Site safety inspection (Construction only) 628 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Site safety report evaluation sheet (Construction only) 574 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Statutory Equipment Change Request Form  707KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Task list 51 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Template managing medicines policy 105 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Tower scaffold site inspection checklist 560 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Witness/Interviewee statement form 540 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Working at height checklist 767 KB 3secs @ 2Mbps
Workplace inspection form 423 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Workplace transport checklist 841 KB 3secs @ 2Mbps
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