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Healthy living

Being healthy is a big part of being positive. A healthy lifestyle means that you live a life that is well-balanced, both physically and mentally. If your lifestyle includes extremes of things like eating, drinking, exercise, sleeping, harmful activities and so on, you are more likely to become ill, have trouble concentrating at work or school, or be unhappy or depressed.

Your lifestyle has a big effect on how you feel and what you get out of life, now and in the future. This area of the website will provide you with tips and information for living an overall healthy life.

At 16 years old, you can make your own choices about your medical care. You can choose which doctor, dentist or optician you want to see.

NHS Choices: Food and diet - Do dairy foods really make you fat? Can fast food still be healthy? Can what you eat help your skin? Find out the answers to these questions and how you can look and feel your best by keeping fit.

You Go 4 It is full of advice, sport stars, video competitions, blogs and podcasts. They give help, support and advice on looking after yourself, eating the right food and taking exercise and tell you why it is so important to your life right now.

Eating Disorders - getting help by phone or e-mail:


What is an eating disorder?

Help and support

beat Youthline
(for young people up to and including 18 years of age) 0845 634 7650, fyp@b-eat.co.uk

beat Helpline (for over 18s) 0845 634 1414, help@b-eat.co.uk 
beat endeavours to respond to all e-mails within 48 hours

The National Centre for Eating Disorders

BBC Advice

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